Dobermans Available for Adoption from Shelters

We keep a list of Dobermans in shelters that we do not yet have room to take. If you are interested in looking into adopting one of these dogs directly from the shelter, please send Anissa an email.

Important Information

If you click on the thumbnail photos you can see the large size version of each picture.

The Dobermans on this page are in shelters. Doberman Rescue of North Texas cannot yet commit to taking, usually because we do not have room, sometimes because of the location of the shelter.

All shelters have limited space available to hold dogs. All shelters have more dogs coming in (or trying to come in) than they can find homes for. Some shelters respond to this by turning dogs away at the door (generally the approach used by the "No-Kill" shelters) while others are forced to euthanize dogs in their custody in order to make room for arriving dogs.

Unless otherwise noted, the dogs on this page are in the kind that must euthanize dogs in order to ensure they can accept new dogs. So please bear in mind that the dogs listed have only limited time available.

If you are interested in adopting, you must move quickly.

If we could, we would bring these dogs into our program at Doberman Rescue of North Texas. Unfortunately, we also find ourselves running full or nearly full most of the time, so we just can't take in all the Dobermans that need to be rescued.

We are listing the ones we can't take here so maybe they can have a chance at a good life.

We have not seen the dogs listed so they have received no veterinary care from Doberman Rescue of North Texas. We only know what the shelters have told us about them. We do not charge an adoption fee for these dogs but most shelters do. Under Texas law, you must spay or neuter any dog you adopt from an animal shelter.

All representations hereunder are those of the current custodians and not of Doberman Rescue of North Texas.

If you adopt one of these dogs, please let us know so we can take it off the list and so we can help you with training or information if you wish.

If any shelter would like us to list a dog, please contact us.

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