Help The Dogs

We are grateful for the amazing support we receive from people like you. We try to say thank-you to each supporter, but sometimes we mess up. Please accept our humble thanks, on behalf of our dogs, for the wonderful help you all provide. Doberman Rescue of North Texas is a non-profit organization. It is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charity. This generally means that donations made to Doberman Rescue of North Texas are tax deductible. Check with your tax consultant to be sure.

A Special Appeal

From time to time we need extra financial help to deal with a dog that has undergone expensive veterinary care. We deeply appreciate your generosity. When the fund raising goal has been met we will continue to update the Special Appeal to keep you apprised of developments with the dog.


Doberman Rescue of North Texas is an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid staff. There are a lot of different jobs to do. Can you help out? You will interact with lots of wonderful dogs and some really fun people.

Foster Homes

Would you be interested in opening your home to a dog in need?

Financial Support

Doberman Rescue of North Texas relies on your financial support to save the Dobermans from shelters in North Texas and beyond.

Dog Food

We feed 150 to 200 pounds of Sam's Club Members Mark dog food (their version of Pedigree) every week. If you cold bring us a bag every now and then it would be a huge help.

Wish List

We always need cleaning supplies, dog treats, and similar items.

Donate Your Used Cell Phone

Collective Good is an organization that will make a donation to Doberman Rescue of North Texas if you send them your old cell phone.

Donate Your Old Car, Truck, Boat Etc.

Donation Line will make a cash donation to Doberman Rescue of North Texas when you give them you old car or other vehicle.

Making a Donation

If you donate by cash, Paypal, or check, the IRS requires we keep a record of who donates what. If you need an annual receipt totalling all your donations, please let us know.

If you are donating goods you purchased, please keep your receipt. We can issue you a donation receipt for the amount of the donation as shown on the receipt.

Please note that anything you receive of value in exchange for a donation reduces the tax deductible amount of the donation by the value of the thing received.

We do not know the IRS rules for deducting an adoption donation (presumably the value of the dog approximates the donation). So we do not issue donation receipts for adoption donations.

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